torsdag 19 januari 2017

Old demo

Find a copy of our second democassette "The Last Massacre" from 2012 (number: 35/100) when I went through some cassettes at my place. The first one to send a mail to: will get it for 6 euros (including postage)

måndag 10 oktober 2016


Looking forward to the new Darkthrone album! (And a little extra fun when you looked a little closer to what the gentleman had on his jacket)

tisdag 17 maj 2016

Listen to 2 new SUFFER THE PAIN tracks!

This Saturday the Critical Mass Vol 3 LP will be released. We have 2 new tracks on it (Mass Death and Anesthesia Awareness). You can pre-order the LP and listen to the new tracks here: (and a bunch of other awesome tracks from great Swedish bands)

Will aslo be a release party for the LP on Saturday @ Truckstop Alaska (Gothenburg), we will not play but MARTYRDÖD, BOMBS OF HADES, USURPRESS and ARMORY will play. Looks like its gonna be awesome:

söndag 15 maj 2016

tisdag 10 maj 2016

Gig pics from Cyklopen

Thanks to Brottsbalk 16 for a great time at Cyklopen! Awesome gigs from Talion, Murdering Murders and Tyranex! And thanks to everybody else that showed up at Cyklopen